anna weissenfels

performance & multimedia artist








drawing: Anna weissenfels

My artistic practice deals with individual and collective survival strategies as a necessary part of our everyday life, looks into new modes of connectivity & collaboration through self-organization.


By playing with dystopian & utopian scenarios the seemingly unreal becomes tangible -

opening new possibilities in our bodies & minds, which can re-inform our shared space.


Through my work I explore the relationship between dance and music. For me, these are inseparably connected as the most original forms of artistic expression. Both the physical/rhythmical, as well as the musical/vocal memory are intriguing in its function as an analogue memory. This opens up access to temporally layered information, in which different periods, genres and other aspects of music and dance become apparent.




human capacity for resilience, adaptation & evolution.

#auditive attentive listening as a mode of connectivity

#collective collective memory shaping our cultural body

#communicative social engagement to transcend our individual capacity. interaction & growth.

#fictional new realms of physicality. futuristic scenarios fed by scientific facts. questioning human evolution.

#futuristic testing a future body. filling the gap between reality & fiction. exploiting abilities for future tasks.

#healing all in, positive disturbance, holism

#playful positive mobilisation as a practice for emergency. gain clarity within a complex field. simplicity and freshness.

#ritualistic  transformative actions that carry a secret sense

#scientific in the realm of mystery. driven by curiosity.

#somatic a human potential. shift of perception & awareness. perceptive concepts bound to culture.

#site-specific incorporating & shifting space.

confronting reality. inviting the daily into art practice.

#textured  emerging universal patterns & principles.

#unfolding trusting the ongoing artistic processes.

#unnoticed attention to what is beyond the frame & scene. collecting the beauty of absurdity, the poetry of effort.


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