anna weissenfels

performance & multimedia artist


My practice is dealing with new modes of connectivity & collaboration through self-organization.

By playing with dystopian & utopian scenarios

the seemingly unreal becomes tangible -

opening new possibilities in our bodies & minds,

which can re-inform our shared space.


Through my work I'm translating life experience into representative elements,

creating surprising analogies.


human capacity for resilience, adaptation & evolution.

#auditive attentive listening as a mode of connectivity

#collective collective memory shaping our cultural body

#communicative  social engagement to transcend our individual capacity. interaction & growth.

#fictional new realms of physicality. futuristic scenarios fed by scientific facts. questioning human evolution.

#futuristic testing a future body. filling the gap between reality & fiction. exploiting abilities for future tasks.

#healing all in, positive disturbance, holism

#playful positive mobilisation as a practice for emergency. something can manifest. gain simplicity & clarity of being within a complex field.

transformation as an action that carry a secret sense

#scientific in the realm of mystery. driven by curiosity. discovery reshaping values.

#somatic a human potential. shift of perception & awareness. perceptive concepts bound to culture.

#site-specific incorporating & shifting space.

entering fields of tension. confronting reality.

#textured  emerging universal patterns & principles

#unfolding trusting the ongoing artistic processes

#unnoticed attention to what is beyond the frame & scene. collecting the beauty of absurdity, the poetry of effort.


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