anna weissenfels

performance & multimedia artist

the picture talked: is it the same to open the door than to close it ?

a half moon, they gave it away

 the fork on the table

sitting in front of a huge green stone, what a fool!

bees all around was this moment.


a short film about identity & friendship

in times of transformation

by Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez

& Anna Wei├čenfels;

camera: George Steffens

support: Cristiane Schniebel

guests: Selda Altin, Lena Hille,  Yuebing Luo, Andreas Mayer, Mahela Rostek, Daniel Wittkopp, Vincent Wittkopp, Mr. Steffens,  Markus Mayer and kids

Berlin 2019


watch the first two movies of Ixchel & Anna:

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