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photos: George Steffens

there are infinite numbers between 0  and 1

1 and 2 and an infinite collection of others

1 and 1 makes 2

2 equals 2 on the other side


by Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez

& Anna Wei├čenfels in collaboration with George Steffens


Synposis: It had started at the end

It is there where we are now and then Invisible and present

One in, one out

Time runs forward and backward at the same time

All happens for a reason

There is an infinite connection

Everything that goes inside has to come out eventually


with: Selda Altin, Lena Hille,  Yuebing Luo, Andreas Mayer, Mahela Rostek, Daniel Wittkopp, Vincent, Mr. Steffens, Sephira and Taraneh

first cut shared in the frame of flutgraben performance #4 December Berlin 2020


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