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PRESS search for a new beginning,

a way to get together,

to come closer






is an artists' collective of Daniel Wittkopp, Anna Weißenfels and Christina Themeli,

which emerged organically through their longstanding collaboration within various productions. Anna and Daniel first met in a working context in 2014 in the production

RE-ENTERING VISUAL GHOST by Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez, where Daniel acted as dramaturg, Anna with her background as dancer/choreographer as Outside Eye.

In 2016 they worked together on UBU UNCHAINED, funded by Fonds Soziokultur and Theresia Zander Stiftung, which was shown several times in Berlin. In 2019, they founded "Bühnen im Haus der Statistik e.V." together with other theater makers as part of the pioneer use of the Haus der Statistik (HdS), an initiative to ally Berlin players from culture, education and social affairs. Christina worked with Anna in 2017 as part of the production PHARMACIST OR BALLOONIST by Elpida Orfanidou at Ballhaus Ost and Onassis Stegi. Christina acted as Outside Eye in the co-production with LOFFT in Leipzig of Daniel DAS MASSAKER VON NEW LEIPZIG, accompanied in this role also his following productions. In the HdS arose from 2019 now the possibility to work continuously together on projects. As a collective they realized the performances COSMOS and the opera LA AGONIA, with the ensemble for contemporary music SCHWARM 13. Currently Christina and Daniel are working on KASSANDRAS DEPRESSION also at the HdS.


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