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photos & Video: Luisa Durrer, Luis Krummenacher

"Time does go on —

I tell it gay to those who suffer now —

They shall survive —

There is a sun —"

Emiliy Dickinson


"We humans, like all other apes, are (...) the result of billions of years of interactions between highly reactive microbes (germs).“

Lynn Margulis

COSMOS - an analogous meeting in compliance with the rules of distance and hygiene

Music: Korhan Erel und Ensemble Schwarm 13 :

Hartmut Arweiler – Gitarre; Gehard Übele - Violine

Dietrich Petzold - Violine, Viola; Tatjana Bielke - Stimme, Säge; Lothar Ohlmeier - Tenorsaxophon, Bassklarinette; Frank Fiedler - percussion; Jens Albrecht - Sopran-  und Baritonsaxophon; Conny Voss - Stimme; Heiko Löchel - Fagott; Klaus Kürvers - Bass; Korhan Erel - live synthesizer; Christopher Williams - Bass; Max Stehle – altosax

by and with Daniel Wittkopp, Anna Weißenfels,  Christina Themeli, Rory Price,

Mahela Rostek, Jenny Fradranski

objects & housing: Todosch Schlopsnies, Federica Teti with mit Upsi, Costanza, Torsten, Ilpo, Yuma, Claudia in the frame of CUCU-Wohnen / S27, project direction: Milena Kopper


presented in May 2020 at Wüste Haus D, Haus der Statistik, Berlin


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