anna weissenfels

performance & multimedia artist

photos: Angela Ankner, Jule Flier

We play & explore at overlapping the sounds of our voices.
The structures within the sound communicate with the physical space & meaning

emerges out of the subtle inter-spaces of embodiment. Movements, time relationships & verbal subtexts originate out of the network woven by the sound textures of our voices.


vocal improvisation on the analog storage of voice by Ulrike SowodniokJagna Anderson, Dodi Helschinger, Lea Søvsø, Anna Weißenfels

ENSEMBLE MEDULLA was active 2015-2018:

2018 SOUND INSTALLATION 'res.o.nant' by Mischa Kuball at Jüdisches Museum, Berlin

2018 CONCERTS 'NOW! Festival' at Studio VERLIN Berlin; from breath to matter at Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin

2017 CONCERTS 'fieldnotes - month of contemporary music' at alpha nova & galeria futura; Urbanraum Berlin,  Liebig 12, Studio bLAU Berlin

2016 CONCERTS fete de la musique 2016 Berlin; exploratorium Berlin


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