anna weissenfels

performance & multimedia artist








photo: Christiane Schniebel

"(...) Deeply trusting in the potential of movement,

Anna Weißenfels creates a strangeness & energy that does not depend on

back-translation processes, but unfolds its significance through the spectator‘s ability to associate. (...)"

Daniel Wittkopp

„'I have something for you.' Indeed! Such a gift is rare to man. The artist Anna Weißenfels gives away... a whole universe! In the beginning there was nothing. In the beginning was the sound. (...) a universe is born. (...) The earth opens, swallows the woman. Follow me, say her eyes. Follow me, call her fingers. Follow me, the silence cries. And we will follow. And be astonished. The caterpillar has turned out: the woman in gray glows, carries light all over her body. (...) Fiat Lux! Let there be light! There are stars! There will be mass. And then, finally, finally, there will be life! (...)“  Jens Wiesner; read further


“She climbs and sits in the open window. Actually one would not be particularly astonished if she would drop backwards from the second floor, like a diver from the boat into the ocean. As a leap into the unknown and a kind of further genuflection to gravity. Instead, she stands up and jumps up and down the staircase as if to stomp the stairs into the earth.“ Daniel Wittkopp


When I Will Come Twice and Go Once by Ixchel Mendoza Herandez and Anna Katharina Weißenfels is a highly aesthetic tableau vivant.“ Die Welt


Die Riesin(...) an unforgettable journey through the land of illusions - poetic, delicate and even strange. (...)“ Gabi Beier


“(...)Wonderful also, how dancer Anna Weißenfels laboriously raises on the wall against which she is jumping - more of her dance would have liked to be seen (...)”

Dennis Vollmer, WAZ


“(...) danced by the original Anna Weißenfels, the embodiment of an all-subversive, disabling external world.“(...) Dagmar Kann-Coomann, NGZ Neuss


"Cleff and Weißenfels have created something extraordinary here, a highly artistic, yet sensuous piece, which in some places can escape the accusation of being pretentious with grotesque humor.” Thomas Hag, NRZ


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